Tears of the night

Este es un poema escrito por un personaje que todavía no ha aparecido en La leyenda de Darwan. ¿Cómo es posible, si la trilogía está terminada? Bien, sí, está acabada, eso es indiscutible e inamovible. Pero, incluso lo inamovible puede llegar a moverse en una dirección totalmente imprevista… El texto está en el original inglés, porque traducir poesía es algo realmente complicado, y personalmente creo que inútil. La imagen la he tomado de este enlace. Es una obra de arte simplemente increíble.



When the tears of the night come to embrace me,
And the Sun of the skies gives me the blood to remember,
I will fly to the stars where you live,
And I´ll show you all the feelings I´ve been collecting for you.

There´s plenty of love in the universo for us,
But there´s also a breach in our souls that avoids our encounter,
A thousand wings will send my love to you far away from here,
And you´ll be there waiting to fly with the strength of their feathers.

So many time waiting for your return from the heaven where you live,
That I´ve forget I was once a man with a destiny and a faith.
So many cries while you escape from my hands again and again,
That I´ve lost the touch of your skin and that´ll break my heart forever.

Try not to remember those times when we had the universe for us,
Try not to forget where are we, who we are, and what´s our fate,
Because those who broke our lives forever long time ago
Will fall in the hell of their blindness and will die once and a thousand times.

There´s a light shining high for us, if we can reach it with our hands,
It´s the light that shows us the way we must walk until being together.
And, once again, we´ll be one star and one universe living as the fire
That explodes to give new life to the universe, that universe that was lost.

Don´t be sad, don´t be afraid. Our ship is ready to begin her journey.
And we´ll be one forever.

That´s the promise I give. And that´s the hope to live. Again.

Autor: Fenrir

Amateur writer, I like aviation, movies, beer, and a good talk about anything that concerns the human being.


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